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Important Messages

  1. Source tree reorganisation (2010-03-15)

Source tree reorganisation (2010-03-15)

Michiel van Liempt
Starting from svn revision 4866 the code assumes a different setup of your
impala folder:

Old situation:
$ ls impala
Application  build   doc  Job   Matlab       Process  Sandbox  third
Archive      config  GL   lib   OglGui       Python   script   Util
Basis        Core    Jni  Link  Persistency  Samples  Test     Visualization

New situation:
$ ls impala
lib   src   third
$ ls impala/src
Application  build   doc  Job     OglGui       Python   Test
Archive      config  GL   Link    Persistency  Sandbox  Util
Basis        Core    Jni  Matlab  Process      script   Visualization

Please note that $IMPALAROOT stays unchanged. So in the new situation
$IMPALAROOT contains lib, src and third. Of which the directory src is under
control of SVN.

To affect this changed in your own copy of impala, you have to do the following
(please note, the following is not an actual copy of shell input, copy paste at
your own risk):
- rename your current impala folder to src
- make a new folder impala
- move what was impala and is now called src into impala
- move the lib of your old impala folder to the new one
- remove the third you were using.
- on linux:
  - use a symbolic link to mia/impala/third
- on windows:
  - make a folder third inside $IMPALAROOT
  - copy the directories 'generic' and 'win' from mia_thumper/impala/third into
    your own copy of third

Other things to note:
- The makefiles that I could find & understand are updated
- I tested the makefiles in Application and Application/Test/*
- Samples no longer exists, most of it went to Applications some of it went to
- Third party software was moved from Link to third

You need to do adapt your visual studio projects yourself:
- under Project Properties "C/C++ > general > Additional Include Directories"
  you should have (at least) the folowing:
  - $(IMPALAROOT)/src
  - $(IMPALAROOT)/third/generic/include
  - $(IMPALAROOT)/third/win/include
- under Project Properties "Linker > general > Additional Library Directories"
  you should have (at least):
  - $(IMPALAROOT)\third\win\lib

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