Verschoor Aerial Cow Dataset

Verschoor Aerial Cow Dataset

This folder contains the Verschoor Cow Aerial Dataset. It entails:


This paper was a joint effort of:


When citing our dataset please refer to:

J.C. van Gemert, C.R. Verschoor, P. Mettes, H.K. Epema, L.P. Koh, and S. Wich. Nature Conservation Drones for Automatic Localization and Counting of Animals In European Conference on Computer Vision workshop (ECCV Workshop on Computer Vision in Vehicle Technology), 2014. PDF


Download videos and annotations


Annotation files contain per column:
  1. Track ID: All rows with the same ID belong to the same path.
  2. Xmin: The top left x-coordinate of the bounding box.
  3. Ymin: The top left y-coordinate of the bounding box.
  4. Xmax: The bottom right x-coordinate of the bounding box.
  5. Ymax: The bottom right y-coordinate of the bounding box.
  6. Frame: The frame that this annotation represents.
  7. Lost If 1, the annotation is outside of the view screen.
  8. Occluded If 1, the annotation is occluded.
  9. Generated: If 1, the annotation was automatically interpolated.
  10. Label: The label for this annotation, enclosed in quotation marks.


Date: August 28, 2013
Location: Voorsterweg 31, 8316 PR Marknesse, The Netherlands
Pilot: Christian Muller
Platform: Ascending Technologies Pelican
Camera: GoPro HERO 3: Black edition
Type: Video
Quality: 1080p
Field of view: Medium (Vertical: 55 Horizontal: 94.4)
Frames per second: 60
Mount: 3D printed made by Rob van Holstein.


Annotator: Camiel R. Verschoor
Tool: Video Annotation Tool from Irvine, California. Vatic is a free, online, interactive video annotation tool for computer vision research that crowdsources work to Amazon's Mechanical Turk. The tool makes it easy to build massive, affordable video data sets and can be deployed on a cloud. After three years of research, vatic is now used by labs around the world to annotate the next generation of data sets. The tool contains: --
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