UW-III English/Technical Document Image Database

Document Images and Software for Research and Development

UW-III is the third in a series of document image databases produced by the Intelligent Systems Laboratory, at the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA. UW-III is designed and constructed by a team of undergraduate and graduate students, led by Dr. Ihsin Phillips, Dr. Bhabatosh Chanda, and Dr. Robert Haralick at the Intelligent Systems Laboratory.

UW-III contains:

25 pages of Chemical formulae and groundtruth in XFIG 25 pages of Mathematical formulae and groundtruth in XFIG and \LaTeX 40 pages of Line drawings and groundtruth in AUTOCAD AND IGES 44 TIFF images of engineering drawings ground-truthed in AUTOCAD 33 TIFF images of English text generated from \LaTeX\ and their

character level groundtruth
33 printed and scanned pages containing English

text and their character level groundtruth 979 pages from UW-I in DAFS format, corrected for skew, and the word

bounding boxes for each word on these pages 623 pages from UW-II in DAFS format corrected for skew, and the word

bounding boxes for each word on 607 of these pages Software for:

        generating groundtruth for synthetic documents; 
        synthetically degrading document images;
        registering ideal document images to real document images;
        transfering character groundtruth between a pair of registered  images;
        estimating document degradation model parameters;
        validating  degradation models;
        formatting Arabic, Hindi, and music documents in \LaTeX;
        testing hypotheses about parameters from a multivariate Gaussian population 
        TIFF libraries (public domain sofware from ftp.sgi.com)
As in previous UW CDROMs, each document page has associated with it:

Bounding box information for each zone on the page Coarse level attributes for each document page Qualitative information on the condition of each page

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