UW English Document Image Database I

               A Database of Document Images for OCR Research

  2 CD-ROM set containing 1147 document page images from English
  Scientific and Technical Journals having

- Binary images scanned from 1st and other generation photocopies

- Binary and grayscale images scanned directly from technical journals

- Synthetic noise-free images generated from LaTeX files

- Document images from UNLV ISRI database

- All document images zoned and tagged

- Software for OCR performance evaluation

- Software for simulation of photocopy degradation

- Text ground truth generated from two independent data-entry
    operators followed by three independent verifications

Each document page has associated with it

- Text ground truth data for each text zone

- Bounding box information for each zone on the page

- Coarse level attributes for each document page

- Finer level attributes (such as font size, alignment etc.) for each zone

-  Qualitative information on the condition of each page

AT & T Bell Labs degraded character images database

Price $200 plus $10 shipping and handling.

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